Not First Light

According to the unwritten code of amateur telescope makers, first light has to be star light, and it has to be through the completed telescope, and there has to be champagne within 10 minutes (just imbibed – not crashed over the rocker box!). So in that (slightly mean) spirit, here is a not-first-light image using the 40-inch mirror as objective and a cell phone camera at the focus. Of course, it’s a cell tower.  Opening a pool on how high up Steve Follett was when he snapped this image – only he and Mark Hillestad know. Steady hands, Steve!  The fuzzy blobs are Steve’s hands holding the camera – a little wider than the eventual spider vanes that will be installed to hold the secondary mirror.

Not First Light

Image Credit: Steve Follett, taken at 8:23 PM PDT May 10, 2011 at prime focus of a certain 40 inch mirror with no coating.


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