The Elves Have Been Working on the Focuser Mount

The 4-inch focuser from Astrophysics needs a custom-built mounting and Larry McCune and his buddy (help me out with a name, Larry!) went to work in the machine shop and, voila!  See the last post for the drawings of the mounting that have moved from bits to atoms as you can see from the photos.

The big oval hole was a nice challenge in the home machine shop, but Larry reports the aluminum ring, which had very precise dimensions to fit the focuser, was pure fun on his buddy’s lathe. They turned the outside of the annulus first, and then held the piece on the outside to turn the inside.  I sent measurements (very careful measurements!) of the focuser to guide them.  Here are the parts test assembled.

You can see from this image that the first photo had the mounting plate from the back where the up-down adjustment bolt slots were very visible. Here, the white mounting plate is fitted to the back mounting vertical that will be bolted to the rocker box. And the mounting ring is placed where it will be secured. So, did it fit????   Of course!

It was a perfect fit, and with the focuser (in both hands) in the shop, Larry drilled the radial bolt holes in the aluminum annulus that hold the focuser in this contraption and the bolt holes through the face of the annulus that hold it all to the mounting assembly.  Beautiful job, no?


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