Future Home of Three Mirrors

Trial assembly – it’s all about fit, but not yet finish. This is the first trial assembly that puts the mirror cells for all three mirrors in the picture. Nestled within the rocker box is the big, 40-inch primary mirror cell.  At the top, seemingly suspended in mid-air, is the 9-inch secondary cell that will be home to the convex hyperbolic shape that allows this telescope to be as short as it is.  And right in the middle is the mounting for the flat tertiary diagonal mirror that will bounce the light out through the mounting plate for the 4-inch focuser.  Larry says, “It went together without a problem.”  He has a short memory. 🙂

For the next picture we will ask for a human model to peer through the imaginary eyepiece held in the imaginary focuser at the image that is a product of the three imaginary mirrors. It can’t be long before the mirrors are present!


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