Altitude drive assembly, anyone?

The altitude drive assembly includes the motor with gear box on the left, extension shaft with a timing wheel, and a belt driven timing wheel on the shaft that carries the drive wheels.

A couple of weeks ago Larry gave me the altitude drive mounting. Today I completed the modifications to that mounting to put together the whole assembly. The altitude drive has a pair of drive wheels that will turn against altitude bearing sectors, a little over a quarter of a circle, solidly fastened to the rocker box. As the drive wheels turn, the telescope moves in altitude.

We used a pair of timing pulleys with a belt to drive the shaft with the wheels so that we didn’t have the motor and gear box assembly hanging off the end of the base of the telescope, sideswiping ankles as the telescope rotates in azimuth.

In this picture, you can see the entire drive shaft.

With both of the drive assemblies completed and the rocker box, secondary assembly and base assembly nearly complete, we will be ready sometime in the next 60 days to integrate all of it and do a few test drives.


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