Our Very Own Trantorque Minis

OK, maybe you are having trouble getting excited about parts arriving, but this part, with its totally cool name, has got to give you goosebumps!  RFO is now the proud owner of six of these beauties and in addition to being beautiful in their own right, I got the sweet confirmation that the design they are central to actually works (of course, we never doubted, did we? did we?).

The half-inch shaft (which also arrived today) slips smoothly into the bore of the Trantorque Mini (say it out loud to savor it fully), and, as a bonus, the Trantorque Mini slips perfectly into the bushings that fit perfectly into the plain bore hubs of the drive wheels. Ahhh.  Hand tighten the nut on the end of the TM (now we’re getting familiar) and it locks the shaft and the wheel together in exquisite union.

Yes, I need to get a life. But later, after the telescope is done.

We are waiting for just one more part to be able to assemble the azimuth drive – the flexible jaw shaft coupler.


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