Schematic of the Azimuth Drive

Ghosted perspective drawings are all fine and well, but it’s helpful to have a drawing with some pointers that make it clear how this thing is put together.  This drawing is a side view that points out all of the components of the drive assembly. I intended that this drive assembly serve for both azimuth and altitude, but it became clear that the altitude drive had its own special requirements and you’ll see in a later post that it only retains the barest resemblance to this design.

Starting from the right, you have the BBAstro servo motor and gear box with clutch mechanism. It’s mounted on the outside of a three-sided box with a hole to accommodate the shaft. We extend the shaft with a shaft coupler and hard connect the shaft to the wheel using a pair of bushings that are bolted to the hub faces of the wheel from Durable. Finally the far end of the shaft is supported by a flange bearing that is mounted to the inside of the three sided box.


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