Project 40 project plan – first draft

I’ve been promising a project plan since June and I finally have most of the information that I need to at least put together the first draft. I always find that I learn something about the tasks that need to be done when I put one of these together. I expect to learn even more when I have feedback from the team. Feel free to add your own comments, especially if you see something that I have missed!

We started this project in 2002, to my surprise, and it looks like it will get done just as 2012 rolls around – I wonder if we would have even started if we thought it would take ten years back then. The VMOA kicked the project off with a $5,000 start up fund and it looks like we will finish the project for under $20,000, about $5,000 less than our original estimates.   We are close to meeting that goal if all the promised contributions come through.  The board will likely still keep a goal of $25,000 – our experience with the Cook Robotic Telescope is that there are ongoing upgrades and maintenance that use funds and having a ready bank dedicated to the project makes decisions much easier.

The plan makes clear we have plenty of work still to do. It’s not like we didn’t know that. But I think it does help to remove the need to worry once you have the list of to-dos laid out.   I’ll keep the links to your right updated with the latest version, including percent complete on tasks, so check it out every once in a while.


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